My Hero Academia League of Villains - Booster Pack 1st Edition (48 Packs)

It’s time for Villains to take center stage! MY HERO ACADEMIA COLLECTIBLE CARD GAME: League of Villains Booster Display Box places a special emphasis on the Villains from My Hero Academia. The newest expansion grants players access to 8 new playable character cards, and a number of game-changing attacks, foundations, assets, and actions that will allow players to create brand new decks and innovate on previous favorites.


  • Each cardboard pack contains one booster pack containing 10 cards: 1 Rare or Ultra Rare, 3 Uncommons, and 6 Commons.

Key Selling Points

  • Extra Rare foil cards and foil-stamped cards will occupy the Uncommon card slot within the pack.
  • These cardboard packages are designed to hang from retail hook displays.


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