2024 Topps Garbage Pail Kids: Kids-At-Play Collector's Edition Box

Configuration: 24 packs per box. 8 cards per pack. + 1 bonus pack per box.

- Stink up your GPK collection with 2024 Garbage Pail Kids: Kids-At-Play, featuring some of the grossest, snottiest, crazy gags about all things related to children’s play time & activities!
- Look for: All-New Artwork & Gags, Rare Artist Autographs, New Patch Cards, Original Sketch Cards, and Bonus GPK “TCG” Cards!

Box Break:
- 7 Base Cards
- 1 Base Sticker Card Booger Green Parallel
- 1 Hit Card
- 3 GPK TCG Insert Cards (from bonus pack)



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