Digimon X Record Booster Box

Theme Booster X Record [BT09] is a BOOSTER SET themed on X ANTIBODY, beloved by Digimon fans!

This set includes not only Digimon and characters from the on-air Digimon Ghost Game anime but also characters from the popular Digimon Adventure tri. An attractive lineup for virtual pet, game, and anime fans!

This set includes numerous powerful cards! It provides essential cards for the metagame and bolsters the strength of the product.

In addition to a Parallel-art Digi-Egg Card, you'll also get an Update Pack featuring 6 new text cards! The Update Pack features 12 different cards (6 regular, 6 silver foil), with each pack containing 2 cards (1 regular, 1 silver foil)!

Rarity Breakdown:

  • [44] Common
  • [30] Uncommon
  • [26] Rare
  • [10] Super Rare
  • [2] Secret Rare

112 card types

Set Name: X Record
Configuration: 24 packs per box, 12 cards per pack



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