2019 Futera Unique Prospects and Legends Baseball Box

Configuration: 4 packs per box. 2-6 cards per pack.

PACK: EVERY PACK includes an on-card Autograph or a COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia card or a 24ct gold-plated framed card plus up to 5 quality Base Set cards. Note: 24ct gold plated framed cards feature on-card Autographs, COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia, '1 of 1’ Autographs, ‘1 of 1’ COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia and ‘1 of 1’ Cut Autograph cards. Note: One rare Gold or Silver foiled Edition HERITAGE card features in every 4th Pack (1 per Display Box).

DISPLAY BOX (4 Packs): Every Display Box includes quality Base Set cards PLUS a rare Heritage card, PLUS 4 inserts from any of the following: On-card Autographs * COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia cards * 24ct gold-plated framed cards (on-card Autographs, COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia, '1 of 1' Autograph, ‘1 of 1’ COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia, ‘1 of 1’ Cut Autograph cards). CARD STORAGE: The Display Box has a removable platform to enable your cards to be stored in their toploaders.

MINICASE (4 DISPLAY BOXES): Each Minicase includes:
2 or more 24ct gold plated framed inserts from any of the following:- a ‘MEMOSTARS' COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia card (# of 9), or a ‘MYTHICALS' or ‘PHENOMS’ Autograph card (# of 9), or a '1 of 1' Autograph, or a '1 of 1' COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia or a ‘1 of 1' Cut Autograph PLUS 1 x COMBO Autograph/Memorabilia card PLUS 12 or more on-card Autographs from the featured Autograph Sets PLUS 4 rare Heritage cards.



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